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Lenten Day of Reflection

"Sundays in Preparation for the Great Fast and Pascha"

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Presenters: Deacon Robert Cripps & Deacon Gregory Loya

Serving at St. Mary Dormition Byzantine Church, Cleveland, Ohio.

Our St. Nicholas Choir performed select Lenten hymns to remind us of current suffering in the homeland of this parish's founders, and to connect us to the culture in Eastern Europe.

For Your Help - St Nicholas Choir
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Now Do I Go / Gaze My Soul - St Nicholas Choir
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Suffering Mother / O Immaculate - St Nicholas Choir
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Trisagion (Holy God) - Unknown Artist
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Deacon Cripps

Deacon Loya

May God grant to our Deacons, and to their families,

peace, health, and happiness, for many years!

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