"5 Minutes of Formation" Videos

Now posting to our You Tube and Facebook sites every Saturday, in what will be a weekly series of short, 5-minute videos hosted by Subdeacon Phillip for our ECF students and parents. These videos are intended to be a resource to help support our ECF parents, since our ECF program this year will be starting off at home and parent-led, due to the COVID pandemic.  In the videos, Subdeacon Phillip will answer as many questions submitted by parents or students as he can in the five minutes, on any topic pertaining to their ECF material- and on any level from Kindergarten through High School.  Questions will be answered in the order that they are received, but must be received by Sunday in order to have a chance at being answered in that Friday’s video.  Any questions not answered in a particular week will be addressed in subsequent videos.  If you have a question you’d like to submit, please send it to our St. Nick’s email address: stnicksbyzantine@yahoo.com.

Eastern Christian Formation

As we Christians sojourn on our earthly pilgrimage, let us ascribe to a formation process by which we conform more and more to the likeness of God.  Our faith teaches us that what we pray is what we believe. Therefore, the primary “classroom” for Christian formation is the church, and, with the Eucharist as our most necessary nourishment, the primary guides in formation are the prayers and hymns of our tradition, especially those that are written in Sacred Scripture and proclaimed in the Liturgy of the Word.  We nevertheless benefit from a less formal environment for the reading, studying, questioning, and discussing of our Byzantine Catholic spirituality and teachings.  Religious Education or Eastern Christian Formation (E.C.F.) at our parish is for ages Preschool to grade 12 and seeks to provide for these needs.

Catechetical Director: Suzanne Swanney